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Uptiv Health – Infusion Treatments

Behind every clinic on the Guardian MD platform are passionate people like Frank DeJesus who want to create amazing experiences for their patients and provide exceptional healthcare. We had a chance to sit down with Frank to learn more about Uptiv Health and his journey in securing medical oversight for clinical operations. 

About Uptiv Health

Uptiv Health is at the forefront of revolutionizing the infusion care landscape for individuals grappling with complex chronic conditions. Through comprehensive collaborations with a wide range of healthcare stakeholders—such as referring physicians, primary care providers, families, caregivers, health systems, an  payers —Uptiv Health delivers a nuanced and comprehensive care model that goes beyond the traditional confines of the infusion setting.

By harnessing cutting-edge advancements in healthcare and technology, Uptiv Health ensures its patients enjoy a seamless and healing care experience. This is characterized by effortless communication with the care team through the Uptiv patient engagement App – an industry first. The App allows for seamless patient onboarding and communications, including direct secure messaging with your care team, appointment reminders, as well as access to patient’s infusion note. The App also serves as the platform for Uptiv360, which allows patients to enroll in comprehensive Care Management and Behavioral health solutions – at Uptiv it’s about more than infusion.

Patients under Uptiv Health’s care benefit from top-tier infusion and wrap-around services, which include flexible scheduling, adherence to superior clinical guidelines, and continued flexible and convenient support post-treatment. The organization’s care team is dedicated to enhancing each patient’s health and well-being, acting as a seamless extension of the referring physician’s efforts.

Uptiv Health’s state-of-the-art treatment facilities are designed with the patient’s comfort and convenience in mind, offering a broad array of amenities, a welcoming and proficient staff, availability on weekends and evenings, coupled with comprehensive clinical support that addresses the whole person. By offering individualized care that caters to each patient’s specific needs, Uptiv Health commits to supporting their patients at every step of their care journey.