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Guardian MD’s new EMR platform is a comprehensive tool that provides a single, integrated medical record system to streamline your administrative work. This allows you to focus on your primary goal of helping others.


Book your patients when you and your staff are available and create a streamlined system for scheduling.


Document patient visits and treatments in a secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record so that all patient data is in one place.


Digitally record and track patient data effortlessly, saving valuable time.

Medical History

Client health profiles allow your patients to access their complete medical history and securely share medical data with their care team.

practice management
Provider portal
Patient dashboard
Medical summaries
Secure data storage
Comprehensive health history
Personalized medical records
Easy appointment scheduling

Personalized comprehensive health management

Built by Simpl Healthcare, our EMR streamlines your access to comprehensive medical records, insurance claims, wearables data, patient care team, clinical and lab results, imaging, and more – enabling you to securely and effortlessly access comprehensive healthcare data within one platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple systems and embrace the future of healthcare management.

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Booking made easy

Providers can easily view and adjust schedules, streamline appointment booking, and send automated reminders to patients. GuardianMD’s EMR enhances efficiency, reduces scheduling errors, and ensures seamless coordination of patient visits.

Client health profiles

With the friendly interface, patients can effortlessly track their medical history, lab results, medication records, and upcoming appointments in real time. This transparency allows for better understanding and involvement in their own healthcare journey and enables patients to make informed decisions and actively participate in their treatment plans.

Convenient charting

Providers can input, update, and access patient information, including medical history, diagnoses, medications, and lab results. GuardianMD’s EMR promotes efficient chart management, facilitates accurate documentation, and enhances collaboration among healthcare team members for optimal patient care.

Track patient data

GuardianMD’s EMR is a powerful tool for clinics to streamline patient data tracking and significantly save valuable time. Clinics can consolidate all patient information, including medical history, diagnostic results, treatment plans, and progress notes, into a single, easily accessible platform.

Real-time updates and instant access to comprehensive patient records enhance the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment decisions, leading to improved patient outcomes.