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MSO Corporate Practice of Medicine

Own your own healthcare business

Guardian MD’s platform and network of healthcare practices allow for non-physician-owned healthcare businesses to operate legally and compliantly. Generally, corporate practice of medicine regulations (CPOM) require that a doctor owns the majority of a business, but these regulations can make it nearly impossible for nurses and advanced providers, like NPs and PAs to start their businesses.

We have designed an MSO practice model that meets CPOM requirements and allows you to fully own your own business. Your business will be set up as a managed service organization (MSO) and it will be bound to a healthcare practice using a managed service agreement (MSA). This practice model allows you to own the business you’ve dreamed of starting while having the peace of mind that you are doing it the right way. To learn about regulations in your state and managed service fees, we encourage you to set up a discovery call with an account representative.

All medical businesses need to follow rules from the beginning, covering how they start their business to make sure they meet HIPAA standards. These rules can be set by the state or the federal government, depending on the situation. Businesses need to know about these rules right from the start. This helps them avoid accidentally doing anything wrong or illegal. If there are ever legal questions or concerns, it’s a good idea for doctors and other medical staff to talk to a healthcare attorney for advice on what to do.

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